Ordering is Easy!

We now take all major credit and debit cards by PayPal

Step 1: Get the Information

If you need help with deciding what to buy, or if you have a special request, then contact our Information Help Service (click on the preceding highlighted text).  This will send an email directly to us with your request. 

Step 2: Place Your Order

Once you know what you want, then contact our Sales Service (click on the preceding highlighted text). This will send your order directly to us by email. We will calculate shipping charges and any other special costs, and you will be sent a PayPal invoice by email which you can pay using any major credit card. 

Step 3: Pay for your Order

When you receive your PayPal invoice, go to the PayPal site (click on the preceding highlighted text), and in the To area, type sales@mountainladdiephoto.com. In the From area, type your own email address. In the Amount area, enter the amount in dollars and cents from the invoice sent to you. Press Continue, and follow the directions given to you at the PayPal site.