Mountain Laddie Photography Ltd. Services

Mountain Laddie Photography Ltd. not only sells high quality images of our own making, but we can also improve, restore and print your images, and deliver them to you in a variety of formats.  The sections below describe these custom services and give prices for the most popular ones. Email for more specific information if you do not see something that you would like. 

Digital Image Processing

For people not comfortable with manipulating digital images themselves, we offer  digital image processing to enhance your pictures and give you the best possible prints or digital files possible. Files may be submitted on CD, DVD or by email, and can be .jpg, .tif, or RAW format. Note that any manipulation of a jpg file will result in loss of quality, so other formats are recommended if possible.

Services offered include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • colour space changes
  • colour balance changes
  • changes in brightness and contrast
  • elimination of unwanted portions of images (by cloning, blending, painting, etc.)
  • cropping
  • layer adjustments
  • combining of multiple images, or portions of images into a single image
Charges are $60.00 per hour, with minimum charge of 1/2 hour.

Slide and Negative Scanning

With the explosive growth of digital imaging, many people now want to convert older slides or negatives to digital format. This is typically done by scanning the old image and saving the new image in digital form. All scanning is done with a high resolution Nikon CoolScan V scanner, which can produce various image qualities and formats.

Typical scanning output (for slides) is shown below:

File type:          .jpg
                        .ppt (Microsoft PowePoint format)
                        .ai (Adobe Illustrator format)

File size:           varies, but typically 25Mb

Dimensions:        for 35mm slide, 5200px x 3600px

Resolution:         up to 4,000 dpi

Bit Depth:           8 bits/channel (jpg) and 16 bits/channel (tif)

Charges are $2.50 per slide, with discounts for 100 slides or more.
Procedures for negative scanning are similar, with charges of $3.50 per negative (35mm) and discounts for 50 negatives or more.

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration techniques can be used to recover or enhance valuable family photos that might otherwise be lost. We offer a variety of services to help restore paper prints, negatives and slides to contribute to your viewing pleasure.  Two levels of service are offered:

Basic Level Restoration:
  • removes spots and corrects colour
  • $10.00 per image for minor repairs; $60 per hour for major repairs
Advanced Level Restoration:
  • offers as much restoration as possible, within present technical limits
  • $25.00 per image for basic work; $60 per hour for complex work
For both levels of service, we offer a choice of digital product (.jpg, .tif, .ppt [Microsoft PowerPoint] or .ai [Adobe illustrator] formats on CD or DVD) or paper photographic print. Extra charges will apply for archival paper and ink if requested.

Examples below show how photo restoration can be used to improve the quality of valued family images.

Example #1 Minor Photo Restoration

This example shows a photograph taken circa 1920. It is faded and lacks contrast, and has a number of small spots which vary in cone from black through white.

Original Photo
Scanned from circa 1920 Print

Step 1- Restore Tonal Balance
Correct tonal balance and contrast is restored, allowing better recognition and removal of defects such as spots.

Step 2- Spot and Blemish Removal, Blending and Cropping
Spots, blemishes and other small tonal defects are removed leaving a resotred, but not completed image. The next step in the restoration processes blends the background tones with the tones of the spot healing to achieve a continuous tone throughout the picture. The final step is to crop and frame (if desired).